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Welcome to the web page of the Westchester Chapter of the New York State Society for Clinical Social Work. 

The Westchester Chapter normally convenes at 29 Sterling Avenue in White Plains on the first Saturday of April, June, October and December. However, due to the coronavirus, we will have no in-person meetings for the foreseeable future.  

Our chapter is offering Zoom CEU presentations in March, April, June, October and November 2021. See the ACE website, www.ace-foundation.net/Calendar.aspx or NYSSCSW Events for information and access.

When in-person meetings resume, chapter practice committees meet from 8:30-9:30am before 3 CEU presentations. Coffee and tea, and a business meeting follow. At each meeting there is an educational workshop with a speaker. The groups and educational workshops are free to members, unless they wish to pay the fee for CEU credit. The Leadership Committee meets several times a year afte the membership meeting.

We invite you to attend our meetings, educational programs, and other activities. These events give you the opportunity to learn about the Westchester Chapter of the Society and participate in our activities. The Westchester Chapter Calendar has information about these meetings and educational programs.


The Westchester Chapter has two types of groups: 

Committees for Chapter Functions:

Leadership Committee

  • Education Committee
  • Legislative Committee which coordinates with State legislative committees
  • Membership and Program Registration Committee
  • Newsletter Committee
  • Website Committee

Clinical Interest Groups:

  • Group Therapy: Experientially Based Exploration of Group Practice
  • Integrating Neuroscience and Psychotherapy
  • Mentorship/Private Practice/Career
  • Peer Consultation

Chapter Leadership: 

Contact the Chapter:

Andrea Kocsis, LCSW
(914) 494-0072
[email protected]

Leadership Committee Chair:

Education Chairperson:

Ruthie Kalai, LCSW
(917) 848-9943
[email protected]

Recording Secretary: 
Patti Juliana, Ph.D., LCSW
(914) 720-6860
[email protected]

Paula Gilbert, LCSW
(914) 231-5743
[email protected]

Treasurer Assistant:
Roberta Schaffer, LCSW
(914) 525-9012
[email protected]

Past Presidents: 

Martin J. Lowery, MSW, LCSW
(914) 720-0262
[email protected]

Jacqueline Mann, MSW, LCSW
(914) 241-0726
[email protected]

Roberta Rachel Omin, MSW, LCSW
(914) 941-8179
[email protected]

Jody Porter, LCSW
(914) 737-1732
[email protected]

Rosemary Sacken
(914) 948-8182
[email protected]

Committees and Chairpersons for Chapter Functions

Leadership Committee:

The Leadership Committee carries on the business of the chapter.  Composed of President, Past Presidents, Committee Chairs, Practice Group heads, and interested members, it meets twice a year after the main Chapter meeting.  For more information, please contact the Leadership Committee Chair.


Registration Committee:

The Registration Committee oversees registration for the Chapter's CEU granting events and ensures that all members who attend these events fulfill the requirements of the Advanced Clinical Education Foundation (ACE) to get CEUs.  Primary responsibilities include confirming pre-registrations by email and hands-on management of the sign-in and sign-out process for events. To volunteer on this committee, please contact the committee chairperson.

Alison Sloan Abrams, LCSW
(203) 249-0479
[email protected]

Education Committee:

The Education Committee plans, coordinates and implements the Chapter’s education workshops which are held after each Chapter business meeting, for which continuing education credits are offered.  You may check the Westchester Chapter Calendar for information about these programs.  For further information about, to volunteer on, offer to provide an educational workshop, or suggest a presentation topic, please contact the committee chairperson.

Ruthie Kalai, LCSW
(917) 848-9943
[email protected]

Legislative Committee:

The chapter Legislative Committee works closely with the NYSSCSW Legislative Committee to help implement the Society's legislative agenda. For further information about this committee, or to volunteer to serve on it, please contact the committee chairperson.

Ruth Greer, LCSW, BCD
(914) 967-1085
[email protected]

Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee works to attract new members to the Society and to provide opportunities for networking among members of the Chapter. For further information about the Membership Committee or to volunteer to serve on it, please contact the committee chairperson.

Chairperson Pending

Newsletter Committee:

The Newsletter Committee gathers and edits material, produces, and is responsible for the e-mailing of the Chapter's newsletter (except for July and August).  For further information about this committee, to volunteer to serve on it, or to write an article for the newsletter, please contact the committee chairperson.

Patti Juliana, Ph.D., LCSW
(914) 720-6860
[email protected]

Website Committee:

The Website Committee ensures that the Society's website remains current and responsive to the needs of Society.  Each chapter has a website monitor, who is responsible for updating the website.

Nan Miller, Ph.D., LCSW
(914) 260-4848
[email protected]

Clinical Interest Groups

Group Therapy: Experientially Based Exploration of Group Practice:

The Group Therapy Peer-led Clinical Interest Group brings together clinical social workers who are interested in group therapy to discuss and explore issues in group therapy and to hold periodic educational workshops about group therapy.  You may check the Westchester Chapter Calendar for information about this group’s meetings and programs.  For further information about the Group Therapy Practice or to participate in the group you may contact the chairperson.

Michael Altshuler, MSW, LCSW
(914) 478-7952
[email protected]

Integrating Neuroscience and Psychotherapy:

The Relational Brain: Neuroscience and Psychotherapy

Participants study how psychotherapy impacts the architecture of the brain through multimedia presentations, lecture, group discussion and experiential exercises.  These exercises maximize group members' learning of applied neuro-affective approaches.  We explore the most recent brain findings, from explaining the “ah ha” moment, to the “uh-oh” experience, the neurobiology of shame, anxiety, curiosity and silence, the neural patterning of OCD, empathy as “brain sync” and how to use “limbic language” to facilitate safety, self-attachment, stability and open heartedness. For further information about this committe or to participate in the group, you you may contact the chairperson:

Terry Nathanson, LCSW-R
(914) 941-8179 - option 2
[email protected]

Mentorship/Private Practice/Career:

The group provides an opportunity for MSW graduates and social workers returning to the field to discuss employment – and for seasoned clinicians to begin or enhance their private practice. Members in agency practice come to discuss issues relevant to their work.

The advice, sharing and support of the group’s members make the experience meaningful. Differences and similarities in each person’s background, work history and life experiences enhance the exchange.

For further information about the committee or to participate in the committee you may contact the committee chairperson. 

Nan Miller, Ph.D,.LCSW
(914) 260-4848
[email protected]

Peer Consultation:

The Peer Consultation Group provides opportunities for clinical social work practitioners to come together in a supportive, sharing and collaborative environment to network, discuss clinical practice issues and obtain consultation from their peers.  For further information about the peer consultation group you may contact the chairperson.

Chairperson Pending